12 May 2014

Move On


1. You get an upset stomach every morning on your way to work. 

2. At-least once a week you think the following thoughts “If so and so does (_blank__) again today I’m going to quit.” 

3. You’ve asked God for signs that it’s time to move on and HE has spoken to you through people, places, circumstances, His Word… in other-words you’ve heard its time to move on from God in every way besides hearing His audible voice. 

4. You can’t find anyone within a square mile radius of your job that you like, trust or believe in. 

5. Your boss has said to you “It may be time for you to move on!” 

6. You are 100% certain that you could have a bigger impact, be happier, put your family in a better situation etc. by moving on and the only thing that’s holding you back is fear or that un-almighty-dollar. 

7. You tell yourself, your spouse and your friends on a regular basis that it’s time to move on and they agree. 

8. When you hear the phrase “Dim The Lights” or see an American Idol Contestant sent home, you begin envision greener pastures for yourself. You then draw parallels to yourself being in the Top 10 and imagine how being kicked out of your workplace will be better for you. 

9. March Madness is the terminology that you use to describe your workplace during the month of March. You also think of the Final Four as being a countdown to the number of days before you put in your two week notice. 

10. You’ve read through the 9 signs above and said to yourself “That’s the confirmation that I needed.”

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